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Tony Haigh - Master of Arts (Terrorism, Safety and Security) - 2011

Tony Haigh

Investigator, security risk assessor and author

As a child growing up in England, Tony Haigh was curious about the military and this drove his 14 year career in the British Army, 12 of which were spent in intelligence-based units.

After leaving the forces, Tony joined the Surveillance Detection Team London, specialising in counter-terrorism style surveillance.  He has also worked as an advisor in Iraq and is keenly interested in counter-terrorism, survival, fitness and self defence, topics covered in books he has written.

Here Tony shares with us how his Master of Arts (Terrorism Safety and Security) degree helped furthered his career.

I was the first in my immediate family to attend university... I came from a not so well off family from Yorkshire, England, where higher education was out of reach for the average Joe in my village. My family were amazed by my achievement and I gave inspiration to a niece and a nephew to attend university and college. 

I’m currently... setting up my own company called ‘Haigh’s Investigations and Security’ thanks to the CSU degree. The company will offer ethical investigations and security risk management and assessments for corporate, government and individuals.  

Books written by Tony Haigh

I already had a Security Risk Assessor’s licence, but the degree has also helped me specialise in counter-terrorism awareness and training. I also hold a master licence in investigations and looking to offer alternative services such as corporate investigations and special project investigations for business. 

I also write books on specialist subjects such as self-defence and counter-terrorism, and the CSU degree helped me gain credibility in these subjects.

At school I... attended public school, I was in the higher grade classes but never initially followed through with post-school education as I was keen to join the military.

I chose CSU because... I was looking at other universities offering policing subjects, and from my background, I found the subjects CSU offered were more relevant and professional than the other policing universities. And on completing these subjects I found this to be the case.

My best experience at CSU... was graduation and receiving my Masters – a lifetime ambition met. 

My worst experience at CSU... was leaving.

At university I was inspired to... carry on learning as I believe you can never learn enough in life.

The single-most important issue in the world is...  peace on earth and can it ever happen?

If I could do it all again... I would not change a thing. My experiences in life have made me the person I am today.

One last thing... I recently attended a CSU Alumni Sydney Harbour Cruise. I had a good friend of mine visiting from the UK and it was her first night in Sydney. What an amazing twilight cruise! We both enjoyed every moment of it. The views were amazing, the staff were very accommodating and it was especially great for networking with fellow CSU Graduates. 10 out 10!

Tony Haigh working in PNG.