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Celebrating 30 years of contribution

Celebrating 30 Years of Contribution at CSU

Built on the spirit of generosity, our story is rich with individuals who have gone above and beyond to make the university the unique place it is today – the undeniable forces; the quiet achievers; the people who have inspired us, lifted us to greatness, kept us going and kept us smiling.

In this, our 30th anniversary year, we want to remember, acknowledge and celebrate these people.
Through a variety of meetings, events and online tools we hope to capture a series of anecdotes, photos and other memorabilia that collectively tell the story of the people of Charles Sturt University.

With your help, we plan to curate a collection of stories to share with the CSU family here on this website, and possibly in other commemorative productions such as a book or exhibition later in the year.

Share your CSU stories

We invite you to share your memories of the people you believe have made CSU the place it is today – there’s no better time to say, ‘we see you’, ‘well done’, ‘thank you’, ‘glad to have shared this journey with you’ and ‘you made this ride a whole lot of fun’.
We hope that gathering information will be as much about the journey as the destination and will provide you with opportunities to come together, reminisce and record your memories.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for you to nominate someone you feel made CSU what it is today and tell us a story about them. It can be a Vice Chancellor, a student, a staff member, a group you belonged to or even yourself.

  • Our Visionaries – the people who always looked ahead, saw the big picture and helped drive the direction of CSU and its communities. “XXXX was a visionary. She ….
  • Our Donors – the people who helped build the University through philanthropic endeavours. “Without the support of XXXX we would never ….
  • Our Staff – the people who went above and beyond, worked tirelessly and turned up every day to keep CSU going. “If you ever found yourself near the xxx on a Friday you would always be treated to a vision of xxxx undertaking ….
  • Our Larrikins – the people who entertained us, made us laugh, had us smiling and kept the CSU experience a memorable and happy one. “I’ll never forget the day xxx the xxxx decided to …..”
  • Our Storytellers – the people who proudly and loudly shared the tales of triumph, everyday successes and challenges of CSU through news, magazines and other communications.“xxx used to produce the student magazine. You would see him…..”
  • Our Tribes – the associations and groups that came together and stayed together because of CSU. “As xxxx we always used to meet at the xxx on a Tuesday and we would…...”
  • Our Families – the people who consider CSU part of their family DNA – the love stories that started here, and the generations that graduated.“I met my wife at CSU. We were both …..”

We want your memories – the things that inspired you or made you laugh. If it mattered to you we want you to share it!