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The mission of the CSU Veterinary Alumni website is to provide support and care for veterinary graduates. We like to call this graduateotrophic support. In particular, we want to make it clear that our desire to help you build an enjoyable and successful veterinary career did not end once you walked across the stage and shook hands with the Vice Chancellor. Our goal is to ensure you continue to have access to the tools required to maintain and improve your professional knowledge, work-life balance and collegial spirit.

We hope that you will become a registered CSU Alumni member in order to gain access to all of the advantages of this website, including library access. In the near future we also hope to cater for many of your CPD requirements through access to current undergraduate resource material and online short-courses. Most importantly, we want you to continue interacting with, and helping, your colleagues just as you did during your undergraduate years.

We understand that situations you have not been exposed to may arise and that it is difficult to remain current even with one discipline of veterinary science, let alone all of the areas encountered in general practice. We offer an electronic service where you provide us with a specific topic to research and we will provide you with a specific answer, allowing your focus to remain on your business and clientele.

A sampling of the information contained within this website includes: contact information, useful links, newsletter templates, expert resources, client education handouts and available employment opportunities all designed to support CSU graduates through their careers.

If there are any other aspects of alumni life you would like to see addressed please contact us.


Services are provided to Charles Sturt University Veterinary graduates on a subscription basis, with the first 2 years FREE. Subscribers will be billed annually for the subscription and monthly for requests exceeding the subscription limit. Payment must be in Australian dollars. The services provided by veterinary alumni website are designed specifically for use by qualified veterinarians. Information provided by this service requires proper training and clinical judgement to be used effectively. No guarantees regarding the suitability, accuracy or timeliness of this information are given or inferred.


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