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Forming a Chapter

CSU encourages alumni to form Chapter networks for their location or discipline. Below are some simple steps to guide you.

  • Identify enthusiastic alumni to drive the Chapter with identified alumni decide aims and objectives of Chapter
  • Decide activities, programs, events, methods of communication
  • Decide on your Chapter structure. Office Bearers are often a good idea if you can identify volunteers at this stage
  • Communicate intentions to wider alumni base (for example, send an email including a survey to gauge interest)
  • Hold an event (for example, a wine tasting) to further explain the Alumni Chapter concept to wider group and introduce them to the committee
  • Begin communication with group – via forum, newsletter, social media, email list etc
  • Begin Chapter programs/activities/events
  • Hold regular meetings – monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly – open these up to the wider group, not just the committee
  • If the group decides it wants a more formal structure, you can hold AGM and formally adopt a constitution and elect Office Bearers.

We want to help make your Alumni Chapter a success. Please contact for assistance with communications to alumni as well as guidance on the setup of a more formal Chapter if required.