Professional Development Breakfast - Melbourne

Picture of Ellie Brown, Facilitator in Leadership and Management. Ellie was the presenter of this event.

21 November 2019

Professional Development Breakfast – How much do you know about your leadership style?

Thursday 21 November – 7am to 8:45am

Campari House - 23-25 Hardware Ln, Melbourne

Charles Sturt alumna Ellie Brown is an experienced facilitator in Leadership & Management specialising in Human Centered Leadership. Ellie has over 10 years’ teaching experience and has held various Board and Management positions including her current position of Director, NSW Business Chamber.

Over breakfast Ellie, discussed the Hogan Reports. Hogan measures EQ by assessing the bright-side personality characteristics that contribute to individuals’ ability to identify, process, and manage emotions, as well as the dark-side personality characteristics that can interfere with their ability to do so. It provides an overall report, as well as a summary of likely behaviours, strengths, and limitations associated with different levels of performance.

Key themes of the morning were:

  • What sort of leader do I want to be?
  • How emotionally intelligent am I?
  • Review on Hogan’s Leadership Report

You will leave the workshop better understanding your strengths, challenges and values, all before 9am!

Inclusions were:

  • Workshop on Hogan’s Leadership Forecast
  • EQ Assessment and EQ tools
  • Breakfast and refreshments
  • Alumni gift bag

Cost was:

  • Alumni: $20
  • Alumni Guest: $30