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Giving back – it’s what we do

You are Charles Sturt’s greatest achievement. Your story, insight and talent can help future graduates realise their full potential.

The Alumni Give program gives you the opportunity to support the University and its students in a way that suits you.

Whether it is a guest lecture, sharing your story, speaking at events, mentoring or donating towards a scholarship, the Alumni Give program provides a meaningful way for you to make a real difference to someone.

Whether now or in the future, we are always here to discuss ways in which you can get involved.

Alumnigive is your chance to give back.

Whether it’s volunteering your time at an event, mentoring a student, sharing your knowledge at graduation or making a donation towards a scholarship, there are plenty of ways your generosity can have a positive impact.

Ready? Let’s get started.

Together, we have the power to make the world a better place. See how your generosity can make a real difference.

Explore the Alumigive program to see how easy it is to join your fellow alumni in giving back to your University.

Fund a research project, give to a scholarship, or support a course area - your generosity can change lives for the better.

Giving makes all the difference to our students and communities. Read the stories of donor impact at Charles Sturt.

Become a mentor to support the next generation of young professionals as they transition from university into the workplace.

Legacy lives on

Our students explain the lasting impact of their donors’ generosity on their studies and their lives.

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