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Event recordings

Behavioural Data Science as a Game Changer for Understanding the Interface between Human and Digital Systems in the New Digital Economy

Professor Ganna Pogrebna, Executive Director of the Artificial Intelligence and Cyber Futures Institute at Charles Sturt University

Professor Ganna Pogrebna is a pioneer in behavioural data science and, in this lecture, introduces the field, discusses its impact on cybersecurity, financial services, talent management, and leadership, amongst other areas, and demonstrates how this new field not only offers new models and methods but also provides significant innovations in the context of the New Digital Economy and the Industrial Revolution 4.0.

Learn more about the Artificial Intelligence and Cyber Futures Institute.

A new history of Australian political thought

Professor Wayne Hudson

In the lecture, Professor Wayne Hudson applies a philosophically informed global intellectual history methodology to Australian political thought in contrast to the national intellectual history approach that dominates historiography.

This approach combines macro and microhistory: it looks wide to find the relevant data, and it seems small to notice international influences, materials in languages other than English, changes in geography and context, changes in the meanings of English words and English words with Australian meanings. To do so, he contests the conceptuality which currently governs the field and introduces new evidence.

For more information, you can read the article on Charles Sturt News.



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Library resources

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