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What is Alumni Give?

Alumnigive is a philanthropic program where Alumni can work with Charles Sturt University to support students and worthy activities through the generous donation of their time, expertise and financial support.

As a graduate of Charles Sturt University you have first-hand experience of the value of education.
The gifts of knowledge, understanding, tolerance, friendship and personal and professional networks are priceless and are gifts that should be shared.

That is why so many of our alumni choose to give back to the University and their communities, and we actively encourage and support this.
The support of our alumni can play a vital role in achieving our mission of building skills and knowledge and ensuring all students, regardless of personal circumstances, have the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Whether you can make a difference here and now or sometime in the future, find out how you can contribute to the many programs and projects that help our students reach their full potential and ensure Charles Sturt University remains a strong and impactful presence in our regions.