Benefits Policy and Exclusions

Policy and Procedure

CSU Winery

  • All members must provide proof of membership upon purchase. Membership number (old student number) is available by request from

CSU Clinics and Services

  • Alumni and Life members will advise of type of Membership at time of booking and show Membership card upon arrival at the relevant clinic. Membership number (old student number) is available by request from

Access to Charles Sturt Library

  • Access by Alumni is covered in the Rule of the Library on the Division of Library Services website.

Use of University facilities

Includes gyms and the pool at Wagga Wagga.

  • Gym Membership Form (inclusive of payment details) to be accessed and filled out via CSU Alumni Website.
  • Completed forms to be received by Advancement unit to
  • Upon Gym Membership Registration and Fee Payment, Alumni member will receive a new CSU Alumni Card specifying Gym Membership

Career services via CSU Career Hub

  • Alumni must register as a graduate via the Careers Service Website to access the CareerHub Student Portal
  • Alumni employers must register as an employer via the Careers Service Website to access the CareerHub Student Portal

Course Fee Discounts

  • As at 2015 Alumni returning to study will receive the course discount automatically. Please check your first statement to ensure that this has been applied correctly.
  • Existing students eligible for discounts MUST contact their Student Central or Study Centre to request the fee discount. Once eligibility is confirmed and request accepted, the discount will be applied to fees.
  • Fee discounts cannot be applied retrospectively

Preferential rates at the Centre for Professional Development

Bathurst Campus

  • The Alumni Member must identify the preferential rate at the time of booking ie: by phone or online.
  • The internal rates are approved by the University Rates Committee each year and are subject to change. The advertised rates are available on the events website.
    Excluded time period apply.

Priority on campus accommodation for children/grandchildren

New first year students

  • The student must claim of Special Consideration and identify relationship to an Alumni or Life Member at the time of online application.

Exclusions and Reservations

CSU Winery

  • No further discounts on wines that are already on sale

Clinics and Services

  • No further discounts apply
  • Fees subject to change without notice, although discounting rates will still apply

Access to CSU Library

  • Electronic Resources are for non-commercial use and are for personal research or study only. Users do not have permission to systematically download or copy large amounts of these resources, thereby creating their own databases; or to distribute these resources to third parties. For further information on the terms and conditions by which users can access these electronic resources, refer to the terms and conditions information on the electronic resource itself or contact the Library.
  • Borrowing Access to physical collections - this is available to Alumni Members and Life Members who are able to visit the CSU Libraries in person.

Use of University facilities

Includes gyms and the pool at Wagga Wagga

  • The benefits are only available to those members who can produce a current CSU Alumni identification card stating Gym Membership
  • This offer does not extend to family members, friends, etc.

Career services via CSU Career Hub

  • The CSU Careers Service both approves and reserves the right to reject any advertisements for positions vacancy or events posted on the CSU CareerHub. Decisions are made at the discretion of Careers Services Staff in accordance with the terms and conditions published on the CareerHub Employer Portal

Course Fee Discounts

  • The discount on fee-paying postgraduate courses is only available to graduates* and staff of CSU and its predecessor institutions.  The discount can be applied to subjects delivered through CSU campuses and by CSU Study Centres once eligibility is confirmed and request accepted.
  • Exclusions apply to articulated courses / package sets. Arrangement is on a Faculty basis, please check before first census date whether the discount applies.
  • Members eligible for fee discounts MUST contact with a request to have the Member Benefit discount applied to their fees.   Once eligibility is confirmed the student's rate code is changed on Banner by the Student Liaison Officer.
  • Fee discounts are not to be applied retrospectively

Please note that Charles Sturt University does not endorse or warrant the quality of any products or services made available in connection with the CSU Alumni Member Benefit Program. Alumni must consider for themselves whether the particular product is suitable for them, having regard to their personal circumstances and the terms and conditions on which the products and services are made available by the providers

*A degree graduate is defined as someone who has received a degree award which has been approved by the Charles Sturt University Council, Board of Governors, Academic Senate or the governing bodies of its predecessor institutions.