Dylan O'Donnell - Master of Information Technology - 2010

Dylan O'Donnell

Founder and Organiser of Star Stuff - Festival of the Cosmos in Byron Bay

1. What was your first job after leaving University?
My first full time job actually occurred during university running a national ISP! I did this for 7 years before starting my own company which has continued to grow since then.

2. Did this first job influence your career path and has your career path changed over the years?
It was an ideal environment to learn about server infrastructure and having access to a datacenter I began selling services on my own servers, which was the beginning of the company that I now run.

3. What attracted you most to your current job?
Most of the technologies I work with today weren't even invented when I was doing my bachelor's degree. That's how quickly the game changes. Responding to technological trends keeps the work interesting.

4, Where did your drive and commitment come from?
I'm not sure. The money and general fear of failure are great motivators though! Being an example for my kids keeps me inspired - if you want your kids to do anything, just do it yourself. You are the initial template they'll look to.

5. What are/were the strong influences in your life?
I think we live in a very exciting time for technology. We've seen amazing new tech companies and CEOs all do amazing things that have shaped the world we live in today. I take great inspiration from these luminaries but also for amazing people behind them - the scientists, engineers, musicians, ecologists, artists, etc.

6. What advice would you give to young graduates just starting out?
Keep your skills current and always look for new trends as they emerge. Some will be red herrings and others will be incredible opportunities.