Ryan Hauville - Bachelor of Human movement / Bachelor of Business Studies - 2005

Ryan Hauville

After graduating from CSU in 2005 completing a double degree in Human movement and Business Studies, Ryan has taken a walk through some varied roles to get where he is today.

After leaving university Ryan was employed with American Express within their corporate services division. Within the position of Account Manager he was responsible for managing large customers' business expenses, specifically around travel & entertainment of senior staff. " Ultimately I was looking to expand the expenditure on the accounts whilst highlighting the benefits for the customer around itemised reporting, benefits scheme & travel partner discounts".

"This first role was to influence my career path, in the sense that I enjoyed sales and the exposure gained with servicing large companies. My next move was into the recruitment industry which I have been in since 2006."

"My current Managing Director and owner of the company I work for is a very entrepreneurial person and has created an innovative team. We all work collaboratively and enjoy socialising together to reward success."

When asked what motivates him Ryan said "I am driven to be successful in whatever career path I take on and am currently really enjoying the recruitment industry. I think university gave me the skill to enjoy continuous learning and wanting to know more on subjects that are relevant to my work. I live by the motto 'work to live DONT live to work'. I think once you truly understand this you are able to dedicate yourself to your work in a new light. Work hard so that you can enjoy the finer things in life such as family & friends, travel, food & wine."

Ryan has this advice for young graduates just starting out.

"Remember your days at CSU and stay close to your friends that you made there! They are still some of the most cherished times in my life and I love talking about the CSU days with friends in Sydney. Now being a career specialist of sorts I would encourage graduates to follow their passions and find a position & company environment that suits their personality and style of working. Your career will change direction on average 5 or 6 times as a Gen Y, so dive in and try a few different industries until you find one that feels right."

In the near future there is quite a diversion on the horizon for Ryan as he embarks on an outback adventure. Along with 25 like-minded Australians (including Briana McFarland also a CSU alumni), he will be crossing the geographical centre of the Simpson Desert on foot. Starting June 1st this year he will trek 320km and over 1000 sand dunes in 10 days whilst carrying a 15kg backpack. "I am by no means a 'trekker' or someone who seeks extreme adventures like this to pass my time," Ryan said.

Outback trail

However, despite this he is determined to complete the trek as it is being undertaken for the support of the charity – Youngcare. At the moment there are 6500 young Australians living in aged care or nursing home facilities. Staggeringly, a further 700 000 are living at home, supported full-time by family. This significant proportion of our population, contains a large number of young Australians that through injury, illness or otherwise, now require care 24 / 7.

Youngcare are working to raise awareness and funds to build appropriate accommodation for these young Australians. They have teamed up with an adventure business (Adventure 1000) to organize the Simpson Desert Challenge. Ryan and his walking mates are tasked with raising $70 000 and already have managed to reach $50 000. "We still need further sponsorship to get us to our total" said Ryan in an appeal for further support.

If you would like to help raise funds that will go directly to Youngcare please logon to Youngcare Supporters and for further information visit the  Youngcare website.