Alumni Awards Nomination

Thanks for taking the time to help us celebrate the outstanding achievements of our alumni.

Before you begin

Prepare the following relevant supporting information

  • a 500 word supporting statement & 150 word short biography to provide to media offline ready to paste in
  • a list of your supporting evidence such as CV/résumé, awards, media clippings, electronic media footage
  • one written reference from a person, outside of your family, who can support your nomination

Prepare your images

To help tell your story, please attach at least one or more high resolution images (PNG or JPG format) of the nominee from the following categories:

  • a single portrait against an uncluttered background
  • a photo at their Charles Sturt Graduation
  • a photo 'on the job' in their professional workplace
  • a younger photo that illustrates their journey

Form tips
Nominations will not be eligible for consideration without attached image/s.
You can upload a .zip file for multiple files or if you have further images beyond these limits, please forward to
Nominations close at 5pm on 2nd June 2023.

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Nominee Details
Date of Birth *
Please provide links to your work, website URLs, social media handles, podcasts or news stories.
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Alumni nomination questions
Which Alumni Award category are you nominating for? * You can select more than one category
Please provide a persuasive supporting statement, no longer than 500 words, outlining the achievements, impact and contribution of the nominee addressing the award criteria.
Please provide a short biography, no more than 100 -150 words. Information from supporting statement can be repeated.
Please attach supporting evidence such as CV/resumè, awards, media clippings, electronic media footage, etc. 5MB upload limit.
5MB upload limit.
A high-resolution image of the person being nominated to be used for media purposes should the nomination be successful. Aim for between 1-3 MB in size quality. PNG or JPG formats.
If you have further images beyond these limits, please forward to
5MB upload limit.
Declaration * By submitting a nomination:
• I declare that the information provided in this nomination form is true and correct.
• I understand that the information provided in this nomination will be used by Charles Sturt University in selecting award finalists and consent is provided to the use of such information for that purpose. I further understand this information will be handled under the University’s Privacy Management Plan.
• I further consent to the use of such information for research, educational or any purposes if such does not divulge my identity or the identity of the nominee to any person other than Charles Sturt University and their respective affiliates.
• If this nomination is on behalf of someone else, I declare the person being nominated is aware of the nomination and agrees to the above conditions.
• I give permission to be contacted as a finalist for a story prior to the winners / highly commended announcement.
• The university reserves the right to consider nominations under the category deemed most appropriate. 
• I understand a nominee who is not an award recipient but is selected as a finalist will have their nomination automatically carried over for consideration the following year (for up to two years)
• I have read the Awards Process Guidelines and Procedure Awards Process Guidelines and Procedure.
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